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Wood Fences: Wake County NC

Why wood? The classic white picket wooden fence are residential favorite fencing material in Zebulon, Wendell and Wake County. Wooden fences are best for front yards, gardens, and pool enclosures. It is used to gain privacy, to be safely corral for kids and pets, and keep out any unwanted creatures. If made with rot resistant wood, your wooden fence can last up to 20 years.

Types of Wood Fences | Zebulon – Wendell – Wake County NC

  • Board on Board Fence: A board on board fence looks attractive on both sides of the fence because boards alternate to either side of the central rail. Though boards are often tightly placed to eliminate gaps this type of fence offers a way for breezes to pass gently into the yard, as well.
  • Convex Fence: A rounded-top fence that is attractive and adds a design aesthetic to your home. It offers a rolling waves type of look to the very top of your fence adding length and dimension.
  • Post & Rail: Typically used to keep boundaries between properties and animals. This kind of fence is typically inexpensive fence, traditionally used for penning livestock, also makes a bold demarcation between properties.
  • Louver Fence: Vertical louver fences are typically used around pools, Decks and patios for privacy purposes which also allow airflow easily.
  • Dog Eared Fence: Uniform fences that are good for unusual property shapes because the uniformity of the pickets allow the fence contractor to modify the sections to fit your yard without breaking the flow of the fence on the “neighbors side”. Its design the displayed perfectly on both sides of the fence.
  • Lattice Fence: Lattice fences are extremely attractive and friendly to landscaping efforts. A tight pattern keeps you from feeling as though you are living inside of a fortress while continuing to offer real privacy by showing off very little.
  • Lock Board Fence: these fences offer an elegant, uniform look. They do a great job of following the smooth, rolling lines of a property boundary while showing off their exquisite craftsmanship.
  • Picket Fences: These fences are traditionally associated with a warm and happy home. This particular style of fences are lower in height but still has similar security as all other wooden fences. It’s perfect for keeping your children and animals safe all while giving your property a more inviting look.

Which type of wood Last the longest? The most commonly used woods for fences are pine, cedar, and spruce. Each has a different lifespan. The longest lifespan belongs to cedar, which can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years.

While cedar and redwood are both strong and durable, redwood is denser and can better withstand weather and split over time. Cedar fences require a high degree of maintenance. If you have an intention to change the paint color very often, cedar fence is the best choice for you.

Best Type of Wood is best for outdoor Fence in Wake County, NC? Cedar wood is a great all-around choice. Cedar has a maroon grain fill coupled with a reddish-brown appearance. Pine is the least expensive fencing material. Redwood is known to be the best wood.

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