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Wake County | Aluminum fences: We make a scale of ornamental aluminum fencing for every neighborhood in Zebulon, Wendell, Raleigh and all over Wake County NC, home style and commercial application. Aluminum is extremely durable but carries a sense of beauty and elegance. It’s designed to meet any fencing needs and offers the best security. Our  aluminum fences are eco-friendly and are made from recycled materials. this type of fencing is virtually maintenance-free. For long-term appearance and durability, aluminum fencing is unsurpassed.

Types Of Aluminum Fences | Wake County NC

  • End Post: The end post has punched holes in one of its faces. This post stands at the end of a layout and is where a fence ends. A fence only has one connection to an end post.
  • Line post: A line post is punched on opposite sites. These are the middle posts of an aluminum fence. They are always between corners and ends and have two fence connections.
  • Corner Post: These posts have adjacent 90 degree punches. They are used to turn a fence line and continue it in a different direction. These posts always have two fence connections.
  • Gate End Post: These posts are punched one side, but have a different thickness and purpose than end posts. In fact, they are often two times as thick and heavy, because they are where gates hang off of.  These posts need to be strong to bear the weight of the gates attached to them. Their thickness and weight makes it impossible to confuse them for other types of aluminum fence posts.They always have one fence connection and one gate connection.
  • Blank Post: These posts have no punches and are less commonly used in fencing. They can be used to mount a lone gate that is not attached to a fence, but are not commonly installed at your average aluminum fence installation.

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