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Wendell NC Wendell is a town in North Carolina with a population of 6,516. Wendell is in Wake County and is one of the best places to live in North Carolina. Living in Wendell offers residents a suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Wendell is approximately 15 miles outside of Raleigh. You can Spend time in the bustling enclave of Wendell and you’ll understand how it earned the motto, “Small Town, Big Charm.” All along Main St. and throughout historic downtown Wendell, a designated location on the National Register of Historic Places, private homes and vintage buildings display the architecture of our American heritage.

Homeowners trust NC Fencing to provide safety, security, and overall added value to their home with their custom built fences, decks, sheds, patios and more. NC Fencing provides vinyl fences, wood fences, aluminum fences, chain linked fences, custom decks and more. All jobs are done with professionalism, great customer satisfaction, and job done right the first time.

Vinyl Fence company | Wendell NC

Vinyl fences are the most popular material to choose compared to another material such as wood, PVC, chain linked etc. Vinyl fences last much longer than most fences due to the durability of the material. In addition to, it is easy to clean and does no erode from rain or harmful chemicals.

Wood Fence Install | Wendell NC

Wood fences are an exceptional choice for homeowners and businesses that need a cost-effective, versatile fencing option. Because wood fences come in such a wide range of styles you can have one designed and constructed to meet your specific needs that will go with the design aesthetic of your property.

Chain Linked Fence Company | Wendell NC

Every chain link fence that we install here at NC Fencing is designed to meet the specific needs of every client or business. We offer chain link fencing installations for security purposes, warehouse subdividing interior walls, trash enclosures, and outdoor equipment or inventory security cages.

Aluminum Fence Installation | Wendell NC

We make a scale of ornamental aluminum fencing for every neighborhood, home style and commercial application. Aluminum is extremely durable but carries a sense of beauty and elegance. It’s designed to meet any fencing needs and offers the best security.

Deck Installation Company | Wendell NC

We are also known to be one of the best Deck installation and repair companies that is a family owned and operated out of Wendell, North Carolina. With honesty, integrity and quality as our core values, the goal is to provide exemplary service and product at an affordable cost to owners.

Patio Installation Company | Wendell NC

We have the best patio installation professionals who are licenced  and have been in the patio industry for over 20 years in Wendell, North Carolina. We pride ourselves on making sure we provide excellent customer care

Commercial Fence | Wendell NC

NC fencing is not only dedicated to providing the residential communities but also hundreds of businesses and commercial areas with custom built fences. All commercial fences are built with quality materials, excellent professionalism and ensuring that each job is done right the first time.

Custom Sheds | Wendell NC

NC Fencing is one of the top industry leaders in installing custom built sheds. For many years, people of wake County and Johnston County have chosen NC Fencing to complete their shed needs. From custom design to repairs, we do it all.